This is an intelligent information system that will convey specific, helpful information to UMOSAN alumni community, school administration, current students, and parents.​ UMOSAN.ORG's objective is to provide quality content about UMOSAN, regularly adding new information and marketing Uganda Martyrs Namugongongo Senior Secondary School.​ The goal is to improve interactions with the wider alumni community.​

The site shall:-
  • Regularly provide useful updates, informative data, and announcements. It shall act as a notice board to inform members about current affairs of UMOSAN and the school.​
  • Host “UMOSAN Katale” a market place where alumni members are able to share their business information, trade with potential buyers within the alumni community. The Katale shall also sale the schools branded items such as t-shirts, caps etc to members.​
  • Publish the UMOSAN leadership for easy contact and accountability.​
  • Integrate all members from the different years, WhatsApp groups, and other social media forums into one platform to ease communication among members.​
How it works
A member will sign up for an account on UMOSAN.ORG information system by providing minimum information needed to identify them on the system and to be identified by other alumni​ They will get a username and password used to gain entry into the system anytime, anywhere​ They shall use the credentials above to login and access various pieces of information including announcements, adverts, other alumni profiles, their financial interaction with UMOSAN, make announcements, see historic activities, UMSAN calendar, transact on UMOSAN Katale etc​ The platform will allow members to publish information about themselves as they see fitting, for example expressing leadership ambitions.​


UMOSAN.ORG is a collection of very useful tools and features which are designed to help UMOSAN make use of technology to work better and wrk for everyone without the limitation of geographical boundaries and manual work. We call upon members to suggest more features we should build. UMOSAN.ORG is a user led design.

  1. Phonebook

    This is a list of all phone contacts of UMOSAN members registered on UMOSAN.ORG. It is automatically extracted from UMSAON.ORG database so that UMOSAN leadership have members' contact information anytime they need them inorder to make distribution of information easy, like sending text messages. It is generated from phone contacts provided by members while registering on UMOSAN.ORG

  2. WhatsApp Directory

    This is a collection of all WhatsApp contacts, groups, group creators and group admins of all UMOSAN members registered on UMOSAN.ORG. The objective of WhatsApp directory is to have a golden database of WhatsApp resources inorder to share communications via whatsapp.

  3. Mailing List

    This is a list of all emails of UMOSAN members registered on UMOSAN.ORG. Emails are availables are for members who managed to share their emails. It is automatically extracted from UMSAON.ORG database so that UMOSAN leadership have members' emails anytime they need to send an email communication to all members. It is generated from phone contacts provided by members while registering on UMOSAN.ORG

  4. Suggestion Box

    This is a page on UMOSAN.ORG that members are allowed to visit and post their suggestions to help improve UMOSAN and make it work better. Any member with an account on UMOSAN.ORG will be able to post a suggestion, followup the suggestion and get feedback. An administrator will be assigning suggestions to UMOSAN leaders for action.

  5. Leadership

    This is a page on UMOSAN.ORG that will contain pictures, bio information and contacts of current and past UMOSAN leadership. This will help UMOSAN members know their leaders and have information required to easily get access to them, such as the leadership mailing list, leadership phone contacts and whatsapp contacts.

  6. Social Media

    This is page that will work as a switch board to the officially recognised UMOSAN social media pages. This is expected to curb down on the confusion caused by presence of very manay social media pages and accounts, some of which may be fraudulent or run with fraudulent intentions. All UMOSAN members with be required to register their social media account for offical verification and validation.

  7. Notice Board

    This is page that will display all official announcements from UMOSAN leadership. It will contain a collection of past and current announcements which will help improve leader-member interaction.

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